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Loon Preservation Committee Needs Your Help

Did you see or get a photo of, any banded loons on our lake this summer? They would like to record they were here in 2020 since banded loons were not seen by the Loon Preservation Committee this past year. Email Caroline Hughes at: <>.


Male on Small Section of the Lake:

Banded 1999

Right Leg:

Green band with a white dot over red.

Left Leg:

Orange with a black horizontal stripe

over silver.



Banded in 2016.

Right Leg:

White over Silver.

Left Leg:

Yellow over Yellow dot.


According to Ms. Hughes, this female is believed to be a member of the pair that nests by the campground. She was seen in 2017 and 2018 in that territory. Although they did not see her in 2019 or 2020, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t there. The LPC hopes someone got a photo of the bands so they are able to confirm the presence of those loons this year.

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