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Exciting News from Our Lake: Loon Preservation Efforts!

We are thrilled to share some wonderful news about the status of our beloved loons! Recently, our dedicated board member, Matt, teamed up with a biologist from the Loon Preservation Committee to check on the loons residing in our lake. Their findings were encouraging: the loons are thriving, and we have one active nest this year!

This success is a testament to the collective efforts of our community, and we need to continue working together to protect these magnificent birds. As many of you know, loons are sensitive to disturbances, especially during nesting season. It is crucial that we all do our part to ensure their safety.

If you come across signs indicating a loon nesting area, please keep a safe distance. Inform your neighbors and fellow boaters about these designated areas to prevent any unintentional disruptions. By respecting these boundaries, we can help ensure that our loons remain healthy and undisturbed.

Let's celebrate this positive news and commit to preserving the natural beauty and wildlife of our lake. Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to our loon preservation efforts!

Stay safe and enjoy the lake responsibly,


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