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Lake Host & Loons

In addition to the grant for Milfoil treatment, we also received our grant from NHLAKES for paying Lake Hosts in 2024.   This year we are set to receive $2.550.  However in order to get this grant we need matches in volunteer hours, as well as to pay membership dues to NHLAKES. The volunteer hours is something we are struggling with, as we have very little support there.  We have lost 2 more volunteer lake hosts this year, (one moved away, and the other is unavailable).  There will be discussion on how this program evolves in a future article, probably after our next board meeting takes place.   We are in dire need of volunteers.  

If anyone wishes to volunteer, (name your dates and times), let Linda Briggs know at (978) 609-0683.

Caroline Hughes of the Loon Preservation Committee, (LPC), is hoping to study our loon pairs again this year, to try to determine why we have not had any chicks survive to adulthood in several years.  Predators are definitely a risk to them, as are people who (either intentionally or unintentionally), get too close to nests.  Another factor possible, is that our longtime loon pair on Swains has “aged out.”  We now have younger loons flying back and forth between several lakes in the area, vying for territory, and for females.  This also affects chick survival.  Board Member Matt Niswender has offered to take the LPC biologists out on the lake on certain mornings to see what can be found.    The annual loon census will take place statewide in mid-July.  

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