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Welcome Weed Watchers

Years ago, Swains Lake had both Lake Hosts and Weed Watchers.  The Weed Watchers went out once every 2 months or so, and looked at the growth on the lake bottom, checking for anything suspicious.   They were given training and pictures in order to identify good from bad. 

We plan to revive  Weed Watchers this summer.  In the meantime, there are things we all can do.   


As you arrive back to your summer residences, or simply clean up after the relatively mild winter, please check the shallow areas around your beaches for what could be milfoil.  Notify Wendi Tremblay immediately via email  <>.  If you can get a clear photo of the plant under the water, and forward that to me, along with your street address, that’s great!  Please mark the area with a stake (far enough away from the plant so that it doesn’t break any stems), and Amy Smagula will look for it and if it is milfoil she will include it in the treatment plan if she receives the information early enough.  

Doing this as early as possible is important, as was found to be the case last year, when someone on Mica Point discovered what they thought might be milfoil the day before treatment began.  Unfortunately, Amy Smagula of the NH DES could not get out here that day prior, and the airboat operated by Solitude Lake Management had already been calibrated with the exact amounts of chemical ProcellaCOR needed for each area of treatment in exact locations on their geographic map.   So the sooner we check the better chance we have to attack any new growth.

Thank You for keeping eyes on your beaches!

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