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Welcome to the New SLA

By: Zak Downing

Upon entering in your web browser you more than likely noticed quite a difference in our look. The Swains Lake Association(SLA) has been going through some beneficial changes which will not only increase the connection between our members and our board but will also benefit our members by allowing more interaction.

A new look developed by webmaster Zak Downing included a new logo, slogan, and communication methods. This new look helps to redefine the SLA while also promoting that it is under new leadership. A new face and board does not mean the SLA has edited its goals. We are still focused on working together to create a sustainable future for Swains Lake.

One of our greatest improvements is the new SLA Dashboard. The main goal behind creating the dashboard was to place everything important to members in one easy to access spot. Easily access meeting minutes, current water testing data, upcoming dates, current weather conditions, share with other members, and of course stay up to date on the latest news articles. The most prominant feature of the new dashboard is the notification center. Here members will be able to see what has been updated, instead of having to scroll through our entire site.

The Board is extremely proud of our new website, logo, and outlook on our future together. If you have any questions regarding our new look feel free to contact Zak. Contact information can be found under the board members.

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