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Spring 2021 President's Message

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Saying Goodbye to 2020!

As we sit looking out over our Lake this morning, we are reminded of the joy this lake brings to us through all of the seasons. We had an incredibly busy Summer for certain, with the Lake Host Team inspecting (final numbers) 3, 941 boats from Memorial Day to Labor Day (compared to 2019 which was a total 1,638). We are preparing our paperwork for NH Lakes Lake Host Grant Program and will apply for that as soon as it is received in mid-February.

We tried our best to keep everyone posted on the (once again) Fall bloom of Cyanobacteria. NHL Lakes was getting many calls from all over the State. Many of the (professional) comments that came back to us was that the drought definitely played some part of the bloom but also could be failing septic systems and use of fertilizer too close to shore. We need to continue to educate everyone of what this means to our Lake and the health of humans and pets when this happens.

We had a successful fundraising effort in 2020, thank you to everyone for your support and efforts with your Annual Dues and Donations. The monies collected will give us the support needed for our 2021 season. Thank You!!

We had an interesting and challenging year in 2020 but we all came together through the most difficult of times and look back to say, let’s not do that again!

2021 here we come!!!

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