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Water Draw Down Announced

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The dam will be opened this year on September 21st. The water is being lowered earlier than usual due to the need for the Town of Barrington to complete some repairs to the dam. This will require them to lower the water 40-inches. This is much lower than usual. Please make sure your boats are out of the water by the date. The Town of Barrington has asked us to share this letter with you:

August 11, 2020

Attention: All Swains Lake Residents,

Subject: 2020 Swains Lake Drawdown Details

Dear Swains Lake Resident,

We are planning for a total completed drawdown target of October 15, 2020, so that the needed concrete repairs to the spillway and vertical walls can be performed before freezing weather. We are scheduling the start of drawdown for September 21st but may start later depending on rainfall. We will use the time in between now and September 21st to maintain the lake level at the current elevation, adjusting after each rain event to make the amount of water that we have to draw down more manageable and predictable.

Stephens Associates Consulting Engineers, LLC is preparing a written drawdown plan to guide future lowering and raising of lake water height for seasonal drawdown, occasional maintenance, and urgent repairs. The Town will adjust the lake height through controlled releases of water by adjusting the Dam’s gate. One purpose of the plan is to help the Town let folks know when drawdowns might occur and how much to expect. If urgent repairs were needed, the plan will guide the Town to release water, lower the lake level, and reduce risks to the Dam. The drawdown plan is not meant to replace, but to add on to the emergency action plan.

Water from the Dam flows beneath Lakeside Oaks Drive through three metal pipes (culverts) near the Dam. The culverts are in poor shape and sticks block the channel, affecting how much water should be released from the Dam. The drawdown plan will also guide the Town’s gate operations to reduce damage to these culverts and Lakeside Oaks Drive until the culverts can be replaced. The sticks blocking the channel will need to be removed. The culverts should be replaced soon to reduce risk to Lakeside Oaks Drive from Dam releases and make future Dam operation easier.

Minor changes in lake height will continue to occur due to future storms and meltwater runoff. The purpose of a codified drawdown plan is to guide the planned adjustments to the lake height. It is our goal to allow lake residents to prepare for lake drawdowns and know who to contact should they have questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support.

Marc Moreau

Road Agent/Dam Monitor


2020 Swains Lake Drawdown Details - CDM
Download • 129KB

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