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Successful Diving Harvest at Swains Lake: A Milestone in Milfoil Management

We are thrilled to announce that our recent diving harvest to remove variable milfoil roots from Swains Lake was a great success! This critical step in our ongoing effort to manage and control the invasive species was made possible through the combined efforts of our dedicated lake association members and expert assistance from professionals.

Amy Smagula from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NH DES) played an instrumental role in identifying the locations of variable milfoil around the lake. Her detailed survey provided the necessary guidance for a targeted and efficient removal process.

Dom from Aqualogic, along with his skilled team of three divers, undertook the challenging task of removing the milfoil. Over the course of their operation, they successfully extracted 40 gallons of milfoil from the lake. Dom reported that the harvest went very smoothly and that they did not encounter any surprises beyond what Amy had initially reported. This alignment is a testament to the thoroughness of Amy's survey and the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts.

While this is a significant achievement, our work is far from over. We are committed to the continued management of variable milfoil in Swains Lake to ensure the health and enjoyment of our beautiful waterbody for everyone. Amy will conduct another survey in July to assess the lake's current condition and guide our next steps.

To sustain these vital efforts, we need ongoing financial support. We have launched a GoFundMe campaign to streamline donations and maintain transparency with our community. Every contribution, no matter the size, will make a meaningful difference in our fight against invasive species.

Please consider donating to our cause and sharing our campaign with friends and family. Your support is crucial to preserving Swains Lake for future generations. Visit our GoFundMe page at to contribute.

Thank you to everyone involved for your hard work and dedication. Together, we can protect and preserve Swains Lake.

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