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Rise in Sunfish Casualties Explained

Thank you to all who have shared their findings of multiple dead sunfish throughout the lake. We've reached out to several of our contacts at NH Lakes Association, NH Fish & Game, NH DES, and our water testing team at UNH Cooperative Extension. All parties have provided us with feedback that ties this rise in sunfish casualties to "spawning stress". Our NH Fish & Game contact provided us with the following explanation:

"This is most likely the result of “spawning stress” which is not atypical this time of year in lakes with abundant sunfish populations. Spawning is a stressful event and fish with weakened immune systems become more susceptive to a bacterial infection which leads to their demise."

Below is a fact sheet regarding this phenomenon borrowed from the State of Connecticut’s website that NH Fish & Game Officer shared with us. Please read it to help better understand the issue at hand.

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