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President's Message Winter 2020

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

As we say goodbye to the 2019 season, we look forward with a clear vision in 2020 of what we need to continue to do to keep our lake healthy and clean.

2019 was a busy year on Swains Lake, we had the Loon Preservation Committee excited (and the rest of us) when we identified two nesting Loon families on the Lake. Later in the nesting period, the second family abandoned their nest and moved on but it was definitely an unusual event.

We finished the year with the Lake Host Program with over 1,666 inspections!  This is a huge accomplishment by Cindi Harrington and the entire Lake Host Team and we again say

Thank You for your contribution and hard work.   We will be working on the 2020 Lake Host Grant Application over the next few weeks and (cross your fingers) we are awarded it again!

Our Fourth of July Boat Parade was huge fun and a great turnout.  Mark your calendar for July 4, 2020!

We also discovered that Cyanobacteria (green-blue algae) does not just bloom in the hot weather. This fall we had an incident in late October, it came quickly and left quickly

but we still need to educate our Members (and non-members) on how to avoid future blooms. 

The source can be from fertilizing your lawn, using weed killer near the lakefront and even can happen with a failed or leaking septic.  We need your help in spreading the word on how to keep our lake healthy.

Wishing everyone a safe winter and look forward to seeing everyone on the Lake this summer!!


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