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USA Springs Update

By: Wendi Tremblay

Barrington and Nottingham residents have some good news this summer. The current “Large Groundwater Withdrawal” permit for USA Springs will expire on July 1, 2014.


According to the web site for Save Our Groundwater, (SOG), USA Springs has not attempted to renew or extend the current permit. Under NH law, if USA Springs had wanted to do this, the company would have had to complete the application 90 days prior to July 1. Since that date of April 1 has come and gone, the Department of Environmental Services stated to SOG, that the permit is “set to expire.”

In other news regarding USA Springs, a hearing is scheduled for June 29th regarding a “creditors request for dismissal of bankruptcy.” As this newsletter will be sent out around then, check the Save Our Groundwater web site for any updates as well as the outcome.

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